Private Party Menus


Our main party room is available for private functions. In order to book the room, we require a room deposit of $250.00. Our minimum count for the private room is 30 adult persons, with a maximum of 40 total persons. The room in not available Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday brunch.

Private Party Booking Policy



Beer, Wine & Sangria

2 Hours $20/Person

3 Hours $25/Person

*Included with this package is Draft Beer, House Wine and Seasonal Sangria*


Beer, Wine, Sangria & Premium Mixed Drinks

2 Hours $30/Person. $35/Person (Top Shelf Liquor)

3 Hours $35/Person. $40/Person (Top Shelf Liquor)

*Included with this package is Draft Beer, Bottled Beer, House Wine,

Seasonal Sangria and Mixed Drinks (ex. Vodka and Soda, Rum and coke)


Beer Wine, Sangria, Premium Mixed Drinks & 2 House Cocktails

2 Hours $45/Person

3 Hours $50/Person

*Included in this package is Draft Beer, Bottled Beer,

Seasonal Sangria, House Wine, Mixed Drinks

and choice of 2 House Cocktails*


Thank you for considering us for your special event. Please understand that we often receive multiple inquiries for the same date, especially on weekends. For this reason, while we’ll be happy to “pencil you in” for up to 48 hours in one of our private rooms, we must release the room if we have not arranged for a deposit at the end of two day’s time. A deposit of $250 is required in order to confirm a specific date and room. The deposit will be applied towards the bill the day of the event. We will call you to confirm receipt of the deposit and will be happy to email, fax or mail a written confirmation if requested. Deposits are non-refundable if we cannot re-book the date. We ask that you call us no less than three days in advance of your party with the guaranteed final count so that our kitchen can prepare appropriately. Please keep in mind that, aside from the final count, the private room has a minimum number of guests required (30). Should the final count fall beneath the room’s guaranteed number, the difference (calculated as price per person) will be added as a room charge. We ask that the menu be finalized no later than ten days prior to the event, but please feel free to call us in advance with any questions you might have.

We look forward to working hard to make your event at Elysian truly special!